The Bum Box

Target Market Advertising Testimonials

A number of companies have successfully used the Bum Box cardboard seat as Experiential Marketing for a variety of different events and shows. The cardboard seat can be printed with any branding or logo, making it perfect for portable Experiential Marketing.

If you are considering the Bum Box cardboard seat for your targeted advertising, then the testimonials will give a good illustration of what other companies think of the Bum Box. Considering it's a cardboard seat, it offers a lot for both the advertiser and the people using it, who enjoy it so much they take it with them to use it as event seating at future events, it's comfortable and is a great conversation piece.

[yellow tail] Wines

"At [yellow tail] we believe that the best way to build your brand is to spend time with people (with their permission) in ways that are relevant and value-adding to their lives (and to our brand). It's about conducting two-way conversations with people. It's about allowing people to experience our great wines at a time and in a place that works for them. It's about encouraging people to embrace your brand's story as their own and to spread it. It's about recognising that brands matter, and that brands are built through experiences.

We live in a world where brands have to earn the right to engage with people by being relevant, respectful, authentic, and value-adding. The Bum Box helps us do exactly this and that's why we love the product!"

Sony Australia

"The use of the bum boxes really helped us get the widespread coverage we wanted at Sony Tropfest, not to mention it made the viewing experience for many so much more enjoyable."

Seven Times World Surfing Champion - Layne Beachley

"When I first saw The Bum Box I thought how good it would be for spectators on the beach watching surfing events...light to carry and comfortable to sit on", says Layne. "Then I realised it would also be the perfect way to let people know about Beachley Athletic - my new range of sports clothing."

Future Cinema

"The service and support from Atlas Packaging was vital in the delivery of a quality and fun product for our customers ... The Bum Box is an innovative product adding comfort to our event at an affordable price"