The Bum Box

An Innovative Event Seating Solution

The Bum Box is unlike any other event seat available, providing not only a seat which is comfortable over prolonged periods but a 100% environmentally friendly Experiential Marketing opportunity offering green credential associations.

The Bum Box Event Seat is
fun and comfortable

People who use the Bum Box event seat see it is as a fun and clever product - they enjoy using it enough to take it home from the event and reuse it - a true indication of a good product.

The Bum Box has the achieved the sought after combination of being well received by all who see it, use it and advertise with it. Often consumers are not proud to use a product which features bold and clear advertising, but this is not the case with the Bum Box, people want to show it off, coveting it for future use.

Marketing Opportunity

As an Experiential Marketing tool, the Bum Box can be produced with any slogan, images or branding as required by the customer. The end product is polycoated to provide water resistance and prolong its life to enable it to be reused.

The Bum Box provides an excellent marketing opportunity; the large backrest offers ample space for company logos, branding and any relevant in-context message. The Bum Box is particularly effective when used en-mass at events such as festivals or outdoor concerts. However, when a single Bum Box is being used - say at the beach following an event - its unique design and the unusual application of cardboard arouses curiosity. People passing are often compelled to find out more.