The Bum Box

Environmental Benefits of the Bum Box

Murdoch University advertise their
association with environmentally sound
attidudes of the Bum Box event seat

The environmental benefits of the Bum Box event seat include it being 100% biodegradable - discarded Bum Boxes can be flattened, compressed and baled allowing for simple and cost effective transportation to plants for recycling.

The Bum Box is constructed entirely from recyled cardboard with advertising slogans and adornments applied with a polycoasting which then provides a water resilient coasting, allowing the Bum Box to be used on damp ground or when it's raining. The polycoating also adds a level of durability so the Bum Box can be picked up and carried home ready to be used time and time again.

Advertisers can benefit from experiential marketing which is solely based around 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard with environmentally-friendly associations.

End users benefit from the "feel good factor" by using the Bum Box with the knowledge that they are having no negative impact on the environment by using the Bum Box event seat and that due to its light weight and polycoated finish, they can easily reuse it time and time again without it losing its structural integrity.