The Bum Box

Event Seating Solution

The Bum Box event seating is created from recyclable, biodegradable corrugated cardboard for FSC-approved sustainable foresting. Originally from Australia, the UK Bum Box has not altered from its original design, save for the Experiential Marketing print, it's collapsible, portable, and thanks to a polycoating it is re-usable.

Targeted Advertising with the Bumbox event seat
The Bum Box Event Seat is ideal
for events such as festivals and outdoor movies

Offering event seating the Bum Box is suitable for any and all outdoor events. It can easily be assembled in a matter of seconds, providing comfortable seating for events such as:

Experiential Marketing Benefits

Although it only weighs in at 0.5kg, the Bum Box can support up to 120kg on the triangular prism backrest featuring Experiential Marketing slogans and logos, allowing people to lean back and get comfortable.

Once assembled, the backrest will mould to the shape of the user, offering support at the shoulder blades and comfort for prolonged periods of time.

The Bum Box can be printed with any form of design, branding, logo, slogans or advertising through the use of lithographic printing, silk screen printing or Flexo post printing.