The Bum Box

Olly took his [yellow tail]
branded Bum Box from Australia
to the 2008 o2 Wireless Music
Festival held in London

The Experiential Marketing Solution

For advertisers, the Bum Box is basically a mini, portable billboard, making it the perfect Experiential Marketing solution. Made from corrugated cardboard, any design, branding logo or image can be printed onto the Bum Box event seat and as it can be folded flat and easily carried home, it is likely that it will be reused in the future along with your advertising.

The Bum Box event seat can be customised to include support for particular athletes, teams or music acts along with any Experiential Marketing logos and branding. Potentially, thousands of people could all be using Bum Boxes at one event, endorsing your advertising campaign by sitting on the Bum Box and it will be seen by thousands more visitors to the event.

The Bum Box has been known to be carried from event to event - and around the world, Olly took his [yellow tail] branded Bum Box from Australia to the 2008 o2 Wireless Music Festival held in London.

Experimental Market Advertising Options

World Surfing Champion
Layne Beachley chose to advertise
Beachley Athletic with the Bum Box

Target your specific market; whether you are looking to deliver a message, show support for a particular event or want to increase brand awareness, the Bum Box has created a fantastic advertising tool which is loved by everyone who uses it.

The Bum Box is particularly clever with its eco-credentials, appealing to current eco-friendly attitudes. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and is made using corrugated cardboard from FSC-certified sustainable foresting. A company choosing the Bum Box as their advertising tool will inherit these credential associations, making it perfect for green-minded businesses and eco-friendly events.

The Bum Box can be adorned with any manner of design and logo, using lithographic printing techniques, Flexo post print and silk screen printing. The corrugated cardboard will also feature a polycoating which provides water resilience and adds to the strength and durability of the product.