The Bum Box

Targeted Advertising with the Bumbox event seat
The Bum Box Event Seat offers
mass marketing opportunities

Event Seating

The Bum Box from Atlas Packaging, is a new and eco friendly event seating solution ideal for every type of outdoor event, offering great advertising real estate for experiential marketing.

Doubling as a seat and mini billboard, the Bum Box works as portable event seating and experiential marketing which will be carried and endorsed by the people who use them. The more they move, the further your advertising goes.

A lightweight and mobile event seat, the Bum Box is made from 100% biodegradable and recyclable corrugated cardboard.

Experiential Marketing

The Bum Box is only available from Atlas Packaging, the sole rights owner for the Bum Box throughout the UK and Europe.

At festivals, music concerts and outdoor events, people tend to sit directly on the floor or on a rug. People love to use the Bum Box instead, as it is lightweight and offers comfort with its thick corrugated seat and a backrest that can support up to 120kg, meaning people can sit back and enjoy the event in comfort.